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A story about coping with stress associated with nuisance law suits
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"A Situation Getting As Bad As The 80s Some Say"
Lamar Grafft was a sixth generation farmer in Iowa some 30 years ago. He lost the farm. Today, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with farmers about the current extraordinarily stressful times.
"Friday Night Lights, My Dad And My Profane Friend"
Institute Associate Director, LaMar Grafft, shares his experiences of coping with farm stress over the years.

"Let's Raise the Barn Together"
Institute Associate Director, LaMar Grafft, and Trauma and Relationship Therapist, Barbara Dunn, discuss stress factors for farmers and share ways farming communities can be mentally and physically supportive to each other through these trying times."


Farmer Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
ncIMPACT | PBS North Carolina
North Carolina Farmers Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis
Financial Woes, Mental Health Struggles Plaguing North Carolina's Farmers
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"Risk and Resilience
CALS Magazine | NC State University"
"N.C. Institute Working to Help Farmers Facing Mental Health Crisis"
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Written by: Dr. Joy Morgan
With 98% of United States farms being family-owned, farm family stress is a significant issue within this chosen career. This year, farmers faced input costs that were nearly double that of previous years, land lost to development, and challenging weather conditions, all factors that are out of their control. No farmer wants to be the generation that loses the farm that their parents and grandparents worked so hard to build, yet this is an issue that many farmers are facing today.
"Spotlight on Hope: Farm Family Stress"
Written by: Charlie Chapman
Often a lonely and isolating profession, farmers experience increased rates of anxiety and depression. Studies find farmers have a higher than average suicide rate when compared to the general population. One solution serving farmers struggling with mental health concerns helps them talk to people they do feel comfortable opening up to: other farmers.

"Mental Health Services Designed for Agriculture Workers"
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