Farm Finance & Management

Need help with farm finance and management? Visit the following link to find tools to help with various topics including how to write a business plan and to learn about crop insurance options.

Business Planning and Operations | | NC State University

Decrease stress by being prepared for situations that can result in a significant financial impact on your farm or ranch operation.

I’m a Farmer. When Do I Need a Lawyer? | | ATTRA

Weathering the Storm: A Guide to Preparing for Disaster and Finding Disaster Assistance for your Farm or Ranch | | ATTRA

Are you a member of Carolina Farm Credit? Click here to learn more about services available to help with financial issues including bankruptcy, budgeting and retirement planning. Free financial counseling is also available.

Estate Planning & Farm Inheritance

Death on the farm can bring its own special kind of stress and conflict. Making decisions and having a plan in place ahead of time can prevent unexpected financial hardship and loss of family relationships. Click here for information to help you with this process.

Did you inherit a farm or anticipate inheriting one in the future? Click here for topics and templates useful in transfer and management of interests in farm and forest land.

Working with Farmers in Financial Crisis

Want to offer support to farmers in financial crisis but don’t have expertise in mental health? Click here for helpful advice from the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Northeast.

FRSAN-NC Partners

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